Happymals are a band of scruffy, cute pups that simply love to Rock! Just press their belly to reveal a cute smile, laugh and watch them raise their ears. There are six fun characters to collect, each with unique personalities. This gang of punky guys open their mouths and laugh at the rhythm of Rock & Roll! Collect them all!

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6 different characters:

Roxy is the most rocker! He rocks-on since the day she was born. She has her own electrifying stage style and knows how to rock and audience. All paws in the air for rocking Roxy!

Iggy improvises like no-one else. When iggy enters the stage you never know what to expect! He is the king of raw & roaring riffs! kids, hold on to your seats & be ready! Woof woof!

Bowie is the best from the west. The craziest & colorful canine one has never seen. Sharp dressed with razor-sharp lyrics you better watch out. Punk!

Ramona has a dangerous charm & is the fastest of the bunch. The speed of her riffs on stage is staggering. As is the two-tone fur-doo mohawk that she's rocking!

Blink is a strutting fashion statement wrapped in rainbows and sparkles, but a true punk at heart. Ouch! Watch out for his horn down at the most pit!

And Sid! No need for warm-ups! Sid is a guaranteed red hot hit with any audience, igniting hearts and minds with a single blazing flap of his wings!